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For our team the franchising is the trigger of our activity because  the company has long developped specific knowledge  about the productivity and the services allowing the reproducibility of the pizza restaurants branded Moromare. In fact, the franchising is an agreement of partnership between a franchisor and a franchisee, legally and economically independent, which decide to join the submission.
The Moromare brand, the industrial patent, the production method and the high-quality products represent the ideal know-how for this successful partnership with the members.
Moromare offers a new style of pizza restaurant with a table service and only where the location and the space are suitable a take-away and a home-delivery service too.
The experience of Moromare Know-how is based on the productivity enable to combine the traditional working techniques  with the innovative methods which allows a traditional pizza restaurant to became highly productive and incomparable.
The careful method together with a continuous research for excellent ingredients  are the basic requirements in order to obtain a successful pizza as it is designed by our company.
The productivity guaranteed by the Moromare method is addressed to the restaurants that can have large inner spaces (200 table covers at least), that are located in the big cities downtown, or in big malls offering evening entertainment in concert halls and multiplexes, in airports, in shopping markets, and in any place having a good catchment area.
Thanks to the handmade mass production of the process, Moromare is able to offer the repetitiousness of its kinds of pizza (see The Menu above) by using a not-specialized labour. In fact, the whole staff attend a training period at the mother company where all the people working in the restaurant  (even the owner-to-be and the manager-to-be) are carefully taught and trained.
In parallel with the training period of the staff, there are courses dedicated to the  process of the commercial consultancy about the company management; these courses deal with various topics such as: the consultancy about the purchasing of the raw materials, the employment and the management of the staff, and the company management  according to all the criteria necessary for successful results.
The mother company follows the start-up phase carefully and also afterwards it takes care of the further  updating courses for managers and employees.
The member-to-be needs to have energy, enthusiasm for catering, loyalty and reserve on the employment of the brands and patent, but not necessarily a competence in the field of pizza making. Further information about the contract conditions (entry fees and royalties) will be given on a specific request by e-mailing or telephoning the company (see the numbers above).