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The Moromare brand name

The international enterprise brand name consists of the logo “MOROMARE”, whose letters composing the sign  are combined like a stopwatch where you can see a stick-hand pointing to a hand of the watch. Even in the depiction of the Moromare brand name the main motif is the speedy way of preparing pizza, which is an interesting element matched with the excellent quality of all the necessary ingredients.
The Moromare brand has boasted  a deep affection from the Genovese and Ligurian people  since the 80s, when a massive publicity campaign allowed Moromare to become the main sponsor  of the Coloni Team (1988) just on the car piloted by Gabriele Tarquini in the Formula One (see photo).
Since then the yellow and the blue have been the official colours of  the brand name and of almost all the elements of the furniture and the signs.

You can see the brand name “1345 Doge’s Pizza” together with the Moromare brand name in several representations, in the signs and on the menus, despite being laid and recorded separately because independent.
Il Marchio Moromare