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The patent

The European patent as the industrial creativity relating to “the method of preparing a fast baking pizza” consists of  kneading a dough made of a refined mixture of several types of hard wheat and soft wheat having a percentage of humidity below the 30%. After the kneading the dough needs  time to  rise, next it is divided into bread rolls and afterwards it resumes rising.
Once risen properly and for a long time, the pizza rolls can be shaped into the round pizza bases ready to be topped and baked. The pizza bases have to be baked at a high temperature (350°- 400° degrees) in a range of time lasting 45 till 60 seconds; this permits a high and unique productivity that the traditional way of preparing pizza has never seen before.
The Moromare pizza is appreciated for its incredible lightness and  fragrance, and last but not least for its digestibility, thanks to this careful preparation of the product.