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The quality

The types of flour, the mozzarella cheese, the “crescenza” (a sour and creamy cheese) and the ingredients of the toppings are all chosen painstakingly and are the secret of the delicious  Moromare pizza.
The refined mixture of the two types of flour: the soft wheat (double zero:00) and the hard wheat (ground twice) allows a thin and crispy rolled pastry whose digestibility and lightness  (good also on a diet) are the fine characteristics never tasted in a traditional Italian pizza.
The tomato is carefully grown in Italy  according to our country-side tradition; its veracity, sweetness and texture  remain unaltered also throughout the seasons, and enable the taste buds to enjoy the delicate and tasteful mozzarella cheese.
The cheese is carefully produced only with Italian milk and its texture and melting need testing long before becoming successful to use on Moromare pizza.
The ingredients of the toppings like the Taggiasche olives, the vegetables, both fresh and baked, the ham, “crudo di Parma”, carefully branded by the consortium, or the first-choice “cotto” (cooked ham), together with all the other ingredients, permit  a successful and delicious product which our customers have always appreciated.


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